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Sava Dupor

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Hi, Im Sava Dupor. I am a student at Glenbrook South High School, and i take the Digital Graphics 261 class. I work as a graphic designer and social media manager for a company called YouPromposal. It is a company that make Prom poster and party packages. I also play baseball at Glenbrook South along with club outside of school. I am very interested in creating new designs and making spectacular images on my computer.

GBS Ping Pong Project

We were asked by Mr. McFadden to create a logo for the GBS Ping Pong Club.  After making the designs for a t-shirt, we were asked to put it on  Google Slide and display how the logo would look on different objects such as walls, paper, or business cards. We were also asked to make a white and black version of or logo design.

Low Poly

In this project, my class was given the task to find a photo of a celebrity, athlete, or someone of interest to us. We were then told to take that picture, and transform it into a picture made completely out of triangles. I choose a picture of James Bond, my favorite action movie actor, and I began to turn 007 into a triangle fiasco. This project was the longest but the most fun to me. I enjoyed watching my picture transform into an abstract form of the original picture. This project utilized many of the skills we had learned through out the semester, and was a whole lot of fun.

I Spy

In this project we were asked to create an I Spy book page inspired by a Titan Tot. My Tot’s name was Kiffin, and he was very interested in the movie Frozen. His favorite color is blue and he is 4 years old. Based off of what i knew about hi,, i created an I Spy page. This project was very entertaining. The challenge was finding objects to place in the image that matched what my Tot requested, and fitted with the style of the I Spy series. 


This project is related to the I Spy project above. The goal was t try and put our Titan Tot, into a surreal and magical picture. My Titan Tot as I mentioned before, liked the color blue and the movie Frozen. So, well, I froze him. I also added the theme that it was hand drawn and painted for that extra element of creativity.  

Project 4

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