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Scott Studenroth

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My name is Scott Studenroth.  I am a senior at Glenbrook South High School and will be going to college this year.  I have interest in graphic design and am currently enrolled in the Digital Graphic Design 261 elective taught by Mr. Macfadden.  This portfolio is features a collection of some projects I’ve completed.


Boys Varsity Basketball Schedule 

This “Special Project” is a schedule I made for the Glenbrook South Varsity Basketball team.  I learned how to add a grunge effect in the background.  I enjoyed creating this graphic and love the way it came out.  Additionally, Mr. Ralston the head coach liked my design very much, which was my goal.  

Motion Graphics (Unit 5)

What you’re looking here is my own Photoshop motion graphic.  For this, we used keyframing, which involves entering in and out points along timelines that describes the beginning and ending positions and sizes of objects.  The combined effects makes the images come to life.

DVD Cover (From Digital Graphic Design 1)

This is a DVD Cover from my first semester.  “Bet” featuring Keanu Reeves and Michael B. Jordan is an action packed masterpiece that will be a blockbuster hit eventually.  This was one of my favorite projects because of the creative freedom we were given.   


iSpy Project (Special Project)

This custom made iSpy page and surreal image was made for a student in Titan Tots, a preschool program at GBS.  Based off of questions they answered, we included aspects of their favorite things.  I enjoyed this project because it is going to be published and given to the class.

Ping Pong Club T-Shirt Design Presentation

(Unit 3)

For this project we created a new logo for the Glenbrook South Ping Pong Club who is lead by Mr. Macfadden.  We also learned the presentation aspect of a logo by showcasing its versatility. 

Thank you for viewing my portfolio.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed completing the featured projects.