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Nate Sullivan's

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I’ve been a designer at Glenbrook South for 2 years, and throughout my career, I have designed many different types of images, as well as created my own. Below are just some of my many creations. 


Presenting My Work

When presenting my work, I always make sure that there are different variations of the same design, giving my client an easier time at deciding what design they truly want. I as well ask them a few questions about what they are looking for. That way I can have their imagination of their design, come to life. To the left here, is one of my designs for Glenbrook South’s ping pong club. 

Orchesis ‘Captivate’ Poster

One of my favorite designs that I’ve made, is a poster that was designed for Glenbrook South’s orchesis dance show. For this, I utilized an image of a dancing lady, isolated her from the background, and then used a smudge tool to give her an artistic look. I did this because her surrounding colors were all orange/yellow so I decided to give it a shot. From there I duplicated her and lowered the transparency to give the poster some more depth to it, almost as if the larger dancer is somewhat behind the small one. I also tried to make the text seem most interesting as possible, although if I were to change something, I would fix the color of grey that I used. Overall, I thought this was one of my ‘neatest’ projects and that is why I like it. 

Low Poly Floyd Mayweather

As one of my designs, I was given the task to select a celebrity or person and then create a low poly portrait of them, I created this in adobe illustrator using the pen tool, as well I threw a radial gradient in the background so that it could compliment my low poly portrait. 


DIY/Stationary Header 

For this design, I was attempting to recreate the first image shown here, into a more professional and more interesting stationary header that can also be formatted onto a business card. I recreated the first image into the second one by using photoshop, and by changing text font, size, and tracking, I was able to accomplish a cleaner, more sophisticated and more attractive look.

iSpy Page/Titan Tots Surreal Photo

This design was requested by the Titan Tots class of Glenbrook South, and I was given the task of creating an iSpy page based on the interests and activities of a child. I did exactly that by throwing in other activities/animals/characters that were not listed, I as well colorized some of the same elements to give the iSpy page some vibrant colors.