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Marcel Hoang

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About Me

My name is Marcel Hoang and I am a sophomore at Glenbrook South High School. I took this class so that I could learn more about the in’s and out’s of graphic design in the real world. In Graphic Design 261, we did many projects for other classes, clubs, and teams. I hope that I can apply my experience in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to my career in the future.

I Spy Book

This design project was commissioned by the Child and Development class. Each person in the class was assigned a titan tot to make an I Spy book for as well as a surreal composite of the tot as well as the tot’s profile that they filled out for their personalized I Spy page. My tot was Brody who was mostly interested in Star Wars, books, and reading, so most of those elements can be found in the page.

Celebrity Photobomb

This project was one of the first works that we did as a refresher of basic Photoshop principles. I had a lot of fun doing this project because seeing myself next to the band Kero Kero Bonito was only possible in Photoshop. Elements I used in this project were the masking tool and the cropping tool to fit the original picture into the polaroid film.

Fashion Croquis

This project was a collaboration with the advanced fashion class where we were partnered up with another person to create a colorized version of the models that they had already sketched. During this time, I learned about blend modes and how the outlines of the clothes and person would only show if the “multiply” blend mode was turned on. After creating these croquis, the fashion class used these models to design the physical outfits.

Ping Pong T-Shirt Design

This project was specifically requested by Mr. Macfadden, the course instructor. We were asked to create a design that would be displayed on clothing like t-shirts, hats, and hoodies. Through designing this logo, I learned that there are many steps that are involved in the process of creating and presenting works to a client like listing their ideas, editing the logo behind a black and white background, and even going on Custom Ink to model the designs.

Orchesis Dance Poster

This poster was a design considered for the Orchesis dance recital which also consisted of Bhangra Beatz, De La Cru, De La Cru Club, Latino Heat, and Titan Poms. At first, most of the students had designed posters that had silhouettes of dancers in any genre. However, we were informed that there was a specific style that was being performed, hence the lady. I chose to use the beach as a background to the silhouette because I thought that it complemented the color palette of the lady in the foreground. My choice of font and alignment of text to the right was intentional so that people would look at the word “Captivate” first, then the information underneath.