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Jackson Baumgartner

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My name is Jackson Baumgartner and I am a sophomore at Glenbrook South. I am a part of the Wrestling team and I might join gymnastics when the season starts. I am very into technology and software and later on I want to use those skills to hopefully start a business. I want to achieve all that I can and put that into a business to hopefully make it successful. 



This was one of the very first projects that we did in the class. We were told to choose a famous person and put ourselves into a photo with them. For this I wanted to be creative so I chose one of the best actors (Chris Pratt) and I saw there was a car in the back. I thought to myself “hey I can look like a creep and be in the car” so I did. The hard part of this was my right elbow because the black bag next to it is the same color so I didn’t know where to cut it out. This project was a really good one to start the year and definately a fun one for me.


In this project we were making a poster for the Orchesis Dance Show so we needed to add the time and date and where it would be. The poster I made went through about 3 iterations before I made one that I really liked which is this one. We were told that the girl in the photo has to look younger so I went into the filters and found this really cool one which turned her into a bunch of shapes and each filled in with the color to make a cool effect. This project had me go outside my comfort zone and had me trying new things which is the fun part of design.

Surreal Project

This was a smaller project which only took us about a day or two to prepare us for the surreal image that we were going to make during our ISpy. In this project it was more of watch a video and then follow the directions. This was still a fun one because in my opinion it looks pretty cool and just a short preparation project.


Boys Basketball

This was one of the project that was longer taking about 3-4 days to complete. I liked this one a lot because it did prove to be a challenge for me due to all of the information that I had to fit onto limited space AND having to add the photo of every school to it to top it off. I had to tinker around with the size of all the photos and the fonts and how big they were so I could use every inch of space that I possibly could to make this poster look really cool. This was one of those projects when you think it’s not going to be hard but with all the factors makes you think outside the box.


The ISpy project was another longer project for a kid that we were assigned. I decided to go for more of a cartoonish approach because it was a kids ISpy and I wouldn’t have to deal with the picture being blurry. I chose to add things like potatoes and sharks because the kid who I got really liked sharks and he said that his favorite food was a potato. This was one of the more laid back projects but still was fun and gave me a good feeling that this kid was going to be so happy to get a whole page dedicated to him.