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Gretchen Bock

Graphic Designer, Artist, Try hard.
Graphic Desgin 263 portfolio
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My name is Gretchen Bock and I am a student in Digital Graphic Design 263 as well as a Sophomore at Glenbrook South. I was in Digital Graphic Design 163 and I liked it so much that I continue onto the next course. Over my years of being conscious I have gained an obsession for Pokemon and completing a sketchbook every 2 months. I have an interest in the studio arts so I thought that this class would be a good addition for that. thank you for viewing my portfolio i hope you at least get something out of it, like a A+.



In this project, we learned how to present our work in a way that is more compelling than just showing the design outright. the bases of this presentation is the design we had to make for the GBS ping pong club. I used the school colors and designed the logo with the motion of swinging the paddle in mind.


this project was for the Orchesis dance company that was holding a show for all our dance clubs at school. we had to design it based on the recommendations from the client that included the date, the time, and the clubs involved. we needed a younger girl for the main dancer on the poster with a watercolor-esc filter over it. as a class we went through multiple different phases of the design process and this was the final outcome of what was agreed on. 

T-Shirt Desgin

This was the most anticipated design project in the whole semester for most people. It’s all in the title, we had to make a tshirt design. the project started on illustrator and make a vector to be transferred onto a vinyl. we worked on the initial design for a day and they chose from white, black or yellow for the color on the shirt.  My design is based of the Spongebob character, Squidward, and his painting ‘Bold and Brash’. it had to many colors to be put on vinyl so i simplified it enough so you could still recognize it and it would fit the criteria. 


Thanksgiving coloring book

as a project around Thanksgiving break, our class made a coloring book comprised of drawings made by our schools drawing course. we had to image trace the drawings and clean up the pencil lines to make it look more smooth and like an actual coloring book page. there were around 30-40 images compiled and the pdf files were sent around the school for the facility.

Surreal Photo

the surreal photo we made was a practice project for the iSpy kids surreal photo. I chose a video from youtube that showed how to make it like like there is fish in a lightbulb. I used many layer masks and stock photos from around the web and used the tactics that I learn from the video and the class to give off the desired illusion.