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Sophie Graham

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Hi I’m Sophie Graham. I enjoy designing things whether it be on a computer, or made out of wood. I took Graphics 1 when I was a freshman and now I’m back as a junior for Graphics 2. In addition to the Graphics classes I’ve also taken Game Design 1. I am also a member of GBS Stage Crew, so I get to help make the sets for all of the shows that GBS puts on throughout the year.


Titan Ping Pong Club

Our entire class designed logos for the Titan Ping Pong Club at GBS. We then practiced putting the logo onto different things to simulate the kind of presentation a graphic designer would have to make to showcase their work to a client. The presentation features the logo I designed in several different settings to show a “client” how the logo would look on paper or on a shirt or even on a wall.

Celebrity Photobomb

For one of our first projects of this semester, our class was tasked with photoshopping ourselves into photos with celebrities in them. I picked the famous Abbey Road cover picture. I wanted to make my celebrity photobomb funny, so I made it look like I didn’t know who the Beatles were and I didn’t know what they were doing in the photo. This project was a good refresher for my brain to get back into graphic design mode after more than a year of not taking the class.

Orchesis Poster

The theme for this year’s Orchesis show was Captivate.  This assignment was to make a design that would fit on posters, tickets, and the playbill for the show. I decided to take the Captivate theme and make a poster with one main focus in order to captivate the person looking at it. One of the project requirements was to include all of the names of the different dance companies that would be featured in the show. Another of the project requirements was to include when and where the show would be at. I made the decision to put all of the information in one spot, so that it wouldn’t take away from the main focus of the poster.


I Spy Project

For our last big project of the semester, everyone in our class was assigned a Titan Tot to design an I Spy page for. GBS student completed a survey with the Titan Tots to find out some of their favorite things in the world for us to incorporate into the I spy Page. The little girl I had happened to share a name with me, we’re both Sophia’s. She likes science, Lightning McQueen, animals, and fried chicken. She’s four years old, which is why I placed the number four throughout the spread. For this project, we had to create a blank area around the outside of the page to make sure that none of the images would get cut off in printing. 

Surrealism Project

The second part of the I Spy Project was to take a picture of the Titan Tot we were assigned and put them into a surreal photo. I knew that Sophia liked science, so I decided to put her into a toy rocket ship and send her into space. First, I found the background. I knew that her favorite color was pink, so I made sure to get a more pink looking space scene to put her in. Then I found the spaceship and thruster to make her look like she’s traveling through space. The picture I picked of Sophia was her looking surprised, so I needed to find something for her to be surprised by in space, so I found a picture of a comet for her to be surprised by.