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Jakub Harchut

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Hello! My name is Jakub Harchut and I am a Student at Glenbrook South High School. I am in the Graphics 261 class and below is some of my work i’ve done over this past semester. I am very interested and want to work in a field of design where I can still use photoshop and create things for people and clients. I enjoy doing many things like Ice Skating with friends at local rinks. I also play basketball with friends every now and then. I am a very visual and creative person which is a big reason I really enjoyed this class and had a lot of fun with it.


Presenting My Work

This project was for the Ping Pong club Sponsor who wanted a logo for the GBS ping pong club. For this project, I used Adobe Illustrator to create the logo. I also made different versions of it like Black and white and the inverted version as well. I also put the logo on cards and paper to show how it would look on them. I presented the project by showing words the client said for his inspiration of the logo and different fonts for the logo. I had a lot of fun with this project and really enjoyed creating the logo.

Project One

In this project I was told to create a logo for the “Shape your Life” campaign, which is the school’s wellness organization. I started out with some different logos at first but scratched them because I didn’t like them. They did not stick with me. In the end I created this logo to the right. I used the term Shape in “shape your life” and worked with that,  As seen by the Square and 2 hexagons. I made a person holding the shapes because he is “shaping” his life. lastly I used a navy blue, dark green and bright yellow because the glenbrook district has 2 school’s. Glenbrook South and Glenbrook North. Souths colors are Blue and Gold, while North’s colors are green and gold. All in all I really enjoyed the end product and am happy with how it came out.

Project Two

In this project each student that was in the class was instructed to follow a tutorial from John Mcwade. We were then told to record ourselves talking about how we did it and what we did to create the end product. I chose the simple logo tutorial. Here I created 3 logos all of which are not real locations. I did not go overboard with the design here, I kept it simple. This was very enjoyable and I really liked creating logos for these fake companies.


Project Three

In this project I and many other students were given a design brief by the Orchesis dance company. I made many drafts and created different versions of the posters. We then gave the posters to Orchesis and asked them for feedback. they said that they wanted a poster more in the style of the one that I have on the right. That’s how I ended up with this poster as my creation. There were many new aspects that I learned during this project. For example I gave both ballerinas a shadow effect by duplicating the ballerina, changing her to black and decreasing the opacity of the ballerina. Then I placed it behind the orange version which made it look like it had a shadow. I am happy with how it turned out and I am happy at how many new things this project taught me

Project 4

In this project our task was to photoshop ourselves onto an image that we did not belong in. I chose the photo of apple unveiling its brand new line of phones. I first had someone take a picture of me. Then I got right to work on editing myself onto this photo. Many different aspects were introduced to me during this. for example the dodge and burn tool, it was a big factor in trying to make this look real. These tools can brighten and darken parts of the image that I was working on. In the end It turned out ok. I do admit it does not look the greatest. I could have edited the photo more but I had to move to the newest project. However I had fun working on it nonetheless.